Event/Concert/Architecture/Art: I’m an experienced shooter, so I can readily handle concerts, birthday parties, and various public events, but I’ll shoot almost anything anywhere provided that I’m given enough notice and my travel costs are covered for locations further than about a 40 minute drive from Niagara Falls, NY. I can handle many shooting situations, but there are some for which I have either little or no experience or that may require specialized equipment that I don’t have, e.g. cases for underwater shooting, so please keep that in mind when hiring me.

Fashion/Model: The model/fashion side of my portfolio is still light so I’m willing to do TF (Time For/Trade For) shoots, including headshots. I’d prefer fair payment for anything that’s especially elaborate and/or will be a significant investment of my time, but am still open to TF shoots in those cases if I feel that they’ll benefit me in the long run and/or if it’s an idea that significantly interests me.

Photojournalism: I’m available to shoot newsworthy events, public meetings, etc., but I require the ability to remain neutral in my coverage. I will not shoot for you if you’re not willing to allow that. As a member of the National Press Photographers Association since August 2012 I follow the NPPA’s Code of Ethics, which you can read here:

Disclaimer: While I enjoy a challenge, I reserve the right to turn down a shoot if I feel that my safety and/or the safety of my equipment will be threatened. I am willing to make an exception for the latter if you agree to, in a signed contract, and are able to cover the cost of replacing my gear.